Beautiful eyes before and after LASIK

Healthy eyes are beautiful. Whether or not you have had LASIK or PRK the following tips will help you keep your eyes healthy and beautiful:

  1. Replace your eye make-up about every 3 months. If you ever have an eye infection it is advisable to discontinue make-up until the infection has cleared and replace all products used around the eyes. If you have laser eye surgery, your surgeon may recommend you avoid make-up for a period of time following PRK or LASIK.
  2. Never use testers at cosmetic counters as they may harbor infectious agents.
  3. Practice good eyelid hygiene. Remove all eye make-up before going to sleep. Avoid waterproof products as they are more difficult to remove. Eye make-up removers often contain products which may contribute to plugging of the oil glands which line the eyelids. It may be helpful to soak the lids with a warm wet cloth for 3 to 5 minutes once or twice per day (only use warm water and a face cloth – never use heating pads or microwave as it may burn the lids).
  4. To avoid allergy or sensitivities introduce one product at a time. Wait at least 2 weeks between introducing new products.
  5. Apply make-up to clean lids. Do not apply make-up along the eye side of the lashes as this area contains oil glands that may be prone to plugging in some people. This may be particularly important for people who suffer from dry eyes or seasonal allergies.

At Western Laser Eye Associates, we are committed to the health of your eyes before and after surgery. For more information call 403.547.9775 or contact us here.

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Laser Inquiries:
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