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LASIK is a treatment that creates a corneal flap which is lifted back before reshaping the cornea with the excimer laser, then repositioning the flap back into place.  At Western Laser Eye Associates the LASIK flap is created using a precise Zeiss femtosecond ultra-fast laser.  Creating the LASIK flap with the femtosecond laser adds safety to this step of the treatment compared to the older microkeratome technology.

The Mel-90 Zeiss excimer laser is capable of treating astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), and hyperopia (far sightedness). LASIK may be an option for those people who are interested in more rapid recovery, but who do not qualify for SMILE (small incision lenticular extraction).

Recovery after LASIK

After LASIK the vision will be mildly to moderately blurry right after the treatment, and there may be mild discomfort for the rest of the day.  Most people will be in the legal range for driving with little to no discomfort by the first day after surgery.

Over time any residual blurring or nighttime symptoms such as glare and halo will improve. For people with dry eye, symptoms might persist for a few months and a minority of people may feel more comfortable using regular artificial tears going forward. After six months a minority of people may elect to have a touch-up enhancement if there is any residual correction measured and it is troublesome when working with both eyes together.

Appointments will usually be scheduled for the day after LASIK and at one, three, and six months.  The appointment schedule will be adjusted for each individual as needed.

Who qualifies for LASIK?

People over age 18 with a stable prescription for glasses or contacts can schedule an assessment in which the corneal thickness and eye examination will be done to advise if LASIK is a safe and appropriate option for you.

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Laser Inquiries:
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General Info:
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