Tough questions you should ask your LASIK or PRK surgeon

If you are considering laser vision correction in Calgary Alberta or elsewhere, don’t be afraid to ask your refractive surgeon tough questions.

LASIK or PRK may take only a few minutes to perform but you need your good vision for years to come. Here are some questions you may wish to ask your surgeon:

  1. How long have you been doing laser vision correction surgery?
  2. How many laser vision procedures have you performed total?
  3. How many refractive procedures have you performed in the last 12 months?
  4. How have your results been with the surgeries you perform?
  5. What kinds of complications have you seen, and am I at a higher risk for any specific complications
  6. How many laser vision surgery candidates do you decline?
  7. Do you use wavefront technology in your evaluation and treatments?
  8. What is the chance I will need an enhancement or second treatment to achieve good vision?
  9. What is the worst complication of laser vision correction you have had and what was the final result?
  10. If you intend to use an excimer laser, is it broadbeam, variable spot, or flying spot? What are the benefits and possible side effects of this type of laser?
  11. Have you ever had malpractice insurance problems, malpractice claims, or license revoked?
  12. If another doctor will be comanaging pre- and/or postoperative care, can I see you at any time without my comanaging doctor’s authorization?
  13. What should I expect my vision to be like for the first few weeks after surgery?
  14. Will you perform a complete refractive examination including evaluating the medical health of my eyes both before and after surgery?
  15. If you recommend LASIK, how will you make the flap?
  16. Do you measure tear production prior to surgery?
  17. Will you measure the size of my pupils when naturally dilated in a dimly lit room prior to making a recommendation about surgery?
  18. Do I have to stay out of contact lenses before evaluation and surgery?
  19. How often and when will you perform postoperative examinations?
  20. How will my occupation, leisure activities, and hobbies influence my candidacy and results or PRK or LASIK surgery?
  21. Is there anything in my medical history that would make a difference in my candidacy or result of laser vision correction surgery?
  22. Does being pregnant or contemplating pregnancy make a difference for laser vision correction surgery?
  23. What are your qualifications to perform this surgery? Do you have any board certification or other specific certifications?You may wish to discuss some or all of these points with your laser vision correction surgeon. There may be other questions you may wish to ask. A qualified and experienced surgeon should be willing to take the time to answer all your questions before recommending laser vision correction.Questions about outcomes or complications from LASIK or PRK surgeries should be easily answered by your surgeon – any experienced laser vision correction surgeon will have had a few complications over their career. It is not possible to have a complication rate of zero with any type of surgery including LASIK or PRK.Some of these questions might be answered by the technical staff, by reading written materials provided by your surgery center, or by viewing the laser vision correction centre’s website. Be sure you ask your surgeon any additional questions that you may have before surgery.For your complimentary laser vision correction assessment call 403.547.9775 or contact us using our online form.
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