Is PRK surgery right for me?

People that are not good candidates for LASIK surgery may want to consider PRK surgery.

PRK surgery does not involve the creation of a corneal flap, thus making it a generally safer and more effective choice for those individuals who have:

  • thin corneas
  • corneal scars
  • corneal dystophy
  • large pupils
  • or other types of eye conditions

Individuals in certain occupations may also chose PRK surgery over LASIK surgery if their professions do not make LASIK the safest choice. These professions include:

  • Pilots
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Athletes
  • Military personnel

People whose lifestyles involve a lot of contact sports may also want to consider PRK over LASIK surgery.

While PRK surgery is safer than LASIK, it also takes longer to recover. Most people will have to realize that they will not be able to return to work or other activities for at least a week. Long-term healing will take place over a few months where your vision will continuously improve and become sharper and more focused.

Deciding whether LASIK or PRK surgery is best for you should be done in consultation with an experienced and compassionate ophthalmologist. Please contact Dr. Anderson Penno at Western Laser Eye Associates for more information about what PRK surgery can do for you and to schedule a free consultation.

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