Why is the price of LASIK, Epi-LASIK, and PRK different at different Calgary laser vision correction centers?

Laser vision correction centers are businesses. Just as different retail chains offer different levels of service and products, laser vision correction centers vary on their business models.

Some do higher volumes and have many centers and so can benefit from volume pricing on surgical supplies and pass that savings to their clients. Some centers offer more individual care with the surgeon before and after surgery such that lower volumes of patients are being treated but at a higher price.

Pricing can also be difficult to judge at first glance. Sometimes the advertised low price may only apply to very simple corrections and may not include enhancements. When searching for the right center to have vision correction surgery, it is wise to shop around to find the combination of price and service that fits you best. Be sure to find out what is included in the base price and who will be providing your pre- and post-procedure care.

Pricing not only will vary between centers, and it will also likely vary between procedures. For example, a standard laser treatment may be less expensive than a custom wavefront treatment due to the costs of providing the custom treatment. Some centers may have different prices for PRK, LASIK, and Intra-LASIK due to the costs associated with providing each of the different procedures. Some centers may price according to the strength of your prescription and some prices may not include retreatments or enhancements.

Price is an important factor but should not overshadow safety, effectiveness, and the level of service that you may need as an individual. As in all other consumer services you can not judge on price alone – each individual needs to weigh the price and levels of service offered by the various centers and decide which one is right for them.

Questions you may wish to ask about pricing include:1. What are the prices for the surgeries you are considering for your individual case (some centers use a price scale based on your level of correction)?2. Does the price include enhancements (touch up surgery) and for how long?3. Who provides the pre- and post- operative care and when will you meet your surgeon?4. Are all the pre-operative and post-operative visits included in the price?5. Are there payment plans available?6. Can the center provide documentation for spending accounts or insurance if needed?You may be able to have some of the questions answered by speaking to staff at the laser vision correction center, but you may need to have a full assessment to get an accurate price for your individual case. Laser vision correction assessments can be time consuming, typically taking about 2 hours or longer and you will be asked to have a driver or alternate transportation due to the use of dilating eye drops; however it can be a good investment to have an assessment at the centers that you might be considering. This way you can learn what services you will get for the price. Price is one of many factors you will need to consider if you are thinking about having laser vision correction.Find out more about financing at Western Laser Eye Associates and then contact us for a free consultation.

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