The role of the brain in Epi-Lasik, PRK, LASIK, and Intra-LASIK

Proper functioning of the visual areas of the brain is critical in visual functioning.

There are numerous disorders that can affect the brain causing visual disturbances. One of the more common disorders that is seen in people who are interested in laser vision correction is called amblyopia which is also known as a “lazy eye”. An eye that is “lazy” does not develop the proper connections with the brain and will have poor vision compared to a normal eye. Unfortunately laser vision correction can not improve an amblyopic eye beyond what the best acuity is with glasses or contacts.

Other conditions of the brain that can affect vision include stroke, and tumors. If you have a stable condition with some vision impairment you should discuss your condition with your surgeon before considering laser vision correction.

The brain is also important in the ability of adjust to changes in vision. For example some people will easily adjust to monovision where one eye is corrected for distance and the other for near vision. Other people can not tolerate this imbalance. For people that are very particular about their glasses or contact lenses laser vision correction may not be advised. It is not possible to guarantee that the two eyes will be exactly equal in acuity or that it will be exactly the same as the previous glasses or contacts. If you have trouble adjusting to new prescriptions you may not be a good candidate for laser vision correction.

Another factor in satisfaction with laser vision correction is your ability to cope with adversity. Although uncommon, complications may happen which might delay the recovery of vision or in rare cases cause a permanent loss of vision. If you suffer from depression or anxiety it may be more difficult for you to cope with a poor outcome. Don’t forget, the risk of laser vision correction is low but it is not zero.

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