Laser eye surgery technology

The newest advance in laser eye surgery technology is Wavefront technology.

It offers the patient better vision than traditional LASIK and also offers iris registration. Traditional lasers track the movements of your eye. In other words, if you move your eye left, right, up or down the laser will follow it.
The problem with older LASIK technology is that if you move your eye closer or farther from the laser, the technology wasn’t sophisticated enough to track this movement. Iris registration technology is advanced enough to match these movements in order to match the eye tracking points perfectly with the laser during the surgical procedure.

The new Wavefront technology can also track eye rotations. When the patient lies down, the eyes can slightly rotate clockwise or counter clockwise. It is now technologically possible to track that additional eye movement.

The use of Wavefront technology in laser eye surgeries has offered surgeons the ability to perform nearly perfect surgeries on their patients. This provides even better results and less room for error and complication.

It is important to consult with an experienced and skilled eye surgeon before undergoing any procedures. Discuss all of your options with your eye doctor to determine which procedure will best suit your individual needs. To schedule a free consultation with a skilled and caring eye surgeon, please contact Western Laser Eye Associates today.

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