LASIK for athletes

If you are an athlete and do not have perfect vision, you are probably all too familiar with the hassles of wearing eye glasses or contacts while playing sports.

LASIK laser refractive eye surgery is a way for you to shed those burdens and let a 20/20 vision take your game to a new level.
At Western Laser Eye Associates, we are committed to helping patients gain the best eyesight possible. And for athletes this is especially important. The ability to play a sport without being hindered by eye glasses or contacts can not only improve your game, it can also help save you from possible harm.

Consider these situations:

  • Eye injury: caused by shattered eye glasses, torn contact lenses, sweat or dirt underneath contacts, dry eyes due to contact lenses
  • Lessened playing ability: caused by eye glasses limiting peripheral vision, contact lenses that fall out during play, rain or snow limiting vision in eye glasses

LASIK can help patients who have lived for years with eye conditions such as:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

Not every athlete is a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Those who play aggressive contact sports may be at a higher risk for infection or damage to the cornea. We will fully evaluate your eyes, medical history and lifestyle to determine if you are a good LASIK candidate If you are not, there may well be another procedure that would work.

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"Everything and everyone was excellent! Many thanks to all the Pictured!!
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"I’d like to thank Dr. Anderson Penno and her staff for a great experience. All of you were very supportive, friendly and professional throughout my time spent at the clinic. Never did I feel uncomfortable or have any hesitation with the people or procedure. Thanks!"

"By far the best customer service I’ve had at any medical, dental or optical office. Very courteous staff at all levels. Thank you!"

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Laser Inquiries:
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