Stay Away From Scary Colored Contacts This Halloween

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Buying contact lenses without a prescription is asking for problems like scratched corneas, infections, and possible permanent vision loss.  Even if you only plan to wear contacts for a few hours you may be risking your eyesight.

Halloween may seem like the perfect time to try out colored contacts, but if you are not working with a qualified eye doctor you risk serious injury to your eyes.  These dangers are the subject of this recent article on the AmericanAcademy of Ophthalmology site

Contact lenses colored or not need to have the proper curvature as well as the proper lens prescription.  In order to fit contacts properly a qualified eye doctor will observe the fit and movement of the contacts on your eye in order to be sure there is a good tear movement under the contacts.

If the contact lenses are not fitted to your individual eye shape the contact can suction onto the eye, limit the flow of oxygen to the cornea, or scratch the corneal surface.  The result is a painful eye, blurry vision, and sometimes permanent vision loss if prompt care does not correct the problem.

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