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LASIK recovery

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LASIK surgery generally takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The majority of patients experience immediate improvement in vision, although complete LASIK recovery can take as long as six months. In some cases, the patient’s vision takes this long to become completely stabilized.

Recovery from LASIK surgery is generally considered to be short lived. Dr. Anderson Penno may require that you wear some form of protective eye wear for the first day or two following the procedure. You may also be prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, eye drops or a combination of these.

Finally, dark glasses may be required if you experience any sensitivity to bright lights immediately following your LASIK surgery. Your doctor will likely recommend that you go to sleep immediately after surgery to avoid any post-operative pain that may occur. When you awake, your vision will already be markedly improved.

Complications from LASIK surgery are possible, although very rare. Most patients are able to return to work and regular daily activities the following day after the procedure. Nearsighted patients may experience some initial difficulty reading in the first few days.

Post-operative discomfort is generally very little, if any and follow-up exams are regularly scheduled to be sure you do not experience any unexpected complications.

Typical outcomes from LASIK eye surgery are:

  • Nearsighted patients usually return to functional vision one day after the surgery.
  • Farsighted patients usually experience dramatic results one day after surgery. Distance vision may be blurry at first, but this will improve.
  • Astigmatism conditions are harder to treat, but most patients still experience dramatic improvements.

In general, do everything you can to rest your eyes and do not rub them for the first 24 hours after receiving LASIK eye surgery. Aside from any unforeseen complications, this will be the largest part of your LASIK recovery. To schedule a free consultation, please contact Western Laser Eye Associates today.